16 May 2011

Pieces of History

We just keep finding inscriptions in our books as we catalog them. I won't bore you with another lecture on donations (this time) but for any new readers out there, I will just point you to previous posts here and here on working in a library where the collection is built by donations.

So, for a more lighthearted post, here are some pictures of some more inscriptions. Although I still struggle with some of the issues related to donated books, I also find these inscriptions to be interesting pieces of history. I wonder about the people who wrote them. Who are they? Where are they? How did the books get from there to here? Etc. And it is a good reminder that there is history behind some of these books...history that involves other people and places. Little did these people know that their books would some day end up in a library in Africa, building a collection...building a community of learners.

*What do you think? Should we return some of them? ;-)

Found in a book called 'Creation Regained' by Albert Wolters

Found in 'Orthodoxy' by G.K. Chesterton

Found in 'Guide to the New Testament'
My personal favorite. Found in our copy of 'Anne of Green Gables'.


  1. That one for A of GG is so cute.

  2. You might enjoy the book _Marginalia_ when you have a chance (probably when you get back to the US since I'm guessing it isn't in your donated collection) - all about the notes people write in books.