09 April 2011


Isn't that a great word? Wordle? I love it. Let me explain.

Librarians love word clouds. Don't know what it is exactly about them that makes them so fascinating. Something about seeing information visually, I guess.

Anyway, I made a word cloud of my blog. Just for fun to see what it would look like. Basically a word cloud takes all the words on a webpage, blog, document, etc. and puts them into a 'cloud'. The more times the word occurs in the document or webpage, the bigger it appears. Notice that 'books' is not one of the biggest words;iIt is not necessarily something I talk a lot about on my library-related blog. Actually, I love how communities and information show up. And people. Because those are the things that make up a library.

*You can make your own word cloud at www.wordle.net.

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