01 August 2011

Around the Library

And now for a shorter post...

Things that can be found in my library that may (or may not) surprise you:
  • Geckos, dead and alive
  • Gecko poop
  • Chickens
  • Fine, red dust everywhere
  • Rolls of toilet paper to clean said dust
  • Students spending hours on Facebook
  • Young Adult Literature...someone just checked out a Goosebumps book!
  • Dewey Decimals...yes, really! We are cataloging with Dewey. :)
  • Bookends! (A new addition I am very excited about :))
  • Young Patrons...i.e. kids who come to visit and color and use the 'staple machine'
If we held a scavenger hunt in your library, what would we find? :)


  1. You would find YA lit, but not the other stuff and I'm a bit jealous. In ours you would find:
    A giant wooden manniquin dressed for holidays and seasons

    Candy, lots of it, at my desk specifically

    A button-maker

    Abandoned coffee cups and soda cans

    A groundhog in our flower bed

    Dry erase markers that don't work

  2. Thanks for sharing! It's a great list! There definitely are more things to libraries than just books. :)