24 November 2011

Thanksgiving...Uganda Style

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. A weird holiday where people eat turkey, watch football and parades, and start preparing for Christmas. Or, rather, prepare for Black Friday. It's another one of those out of context things in some ways. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all for being thankful. And I do think people spend time being extra-thankful this time of year, especially for the people in their lives. If anything I personally feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness lately for the opportunity to live in Uganda and for the people here. It's just a bit funny to try to explain the whole meaning behind Thanksgiving, when in practice it's often about the food we eat. And when someone asks about Black Friday, it's really funny to try to explain: getting up in the middle of the night to go shopping.

Anyway, I decided that I needed to do something little to celebrate. So, I made a pumpkin pie. It was my first time to make one completely by myself and also my first time to make one from scratch. But a friend recently cooked a pumpkin and graciously shared it with me. She also shared her oven and pie plate. :) I researched recipes, mixed ingredients, and baked a pie! :) I decided that since Thanksgiving is one the biggest holidays in the US I should take the pie to work and share it with my colleagues to give them a 'taste' of American culture.

For Thanksgiving lunch I ate rice and beans...which seemed like the perfect way to celebrate in Uganda (eating Ugandan food). But we all had pumpkin pie for dessert. Everyone said it was 'so sweet' but I think they liked it. It's just a lot different than Ugandan food.

Today of all days I'm missing friends and family in the US. I've struggled some today with feeling lonely. The day has been grey, rainy, and dreary -- a perfect match to my mood.

But I'm also thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to live in Uganda and learn from the beautiful people around me. Thankful to hear their stories and be a part of their lives. Thankful that I get to live here. Not just visit. Thankful for the people that made it possible for me to come. And I am especially thankful because after 3 weeks without electricity, we finally had power for a few hours tonight and I was able to take a hot shower. :) I will never take hot, clean water for granted again. Or electricity for that matter. Or probably a lot of things. People in the US: please know you are very, very blessed. :)

Happy Thanksgiving from Uganda!! :)


Pumpkin pie

Eating pumpkin pie in the staff room...notice
the remnants of rice and beans on my plate

Some of my Thanksgiving company

These little guys spent the afternoon in my library...
so thankful for their little smiles and company

Am I a bad librarian for letting them watch 'cartoons'
in the library? :) [Here they're watching Toy Story 3]

So cute!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Rachel!! Happy Thanksgiving to you from the U.K. They don't celebrate it here, either, but at least I have electricity:) Love reading your updates!