26 January 2012

How Much Can You Accomplish in One Year?

I've just arrived back to Uganda this past weekend. It's so great to be back! Right now it's dry season: hot and dusty. A nice change after the bit of snow in Bufalo. Although, I really was blessed...it was a pretty mild winter while I was in the States.

Anyway, as I've started to settle back in to life in Uganda I can't help but think back to where I was a year ago. Trying to figure out how I fit into life in Uganda and at RTC. I was overwhelmed by language, the work, learning people's names, etc. What a blessing to have the opportunity to come back...especially now that I know the routine and what's expected of me -- at least a little better. As I've been thinking back I looked through some journal entries from early last year. I found the following list dated 20.1.2011.

Things to work on at RTC:
  • pick ILS [Integrated Library System]
  • create cataloging workflow
  • train others how to catalog
  • create signs
  • finish regulation/rule/policy documents
  • set up orientations
  • speak to classes -- introduction
  • visit Makerere University Library
  • train students to use online catalog
  • teach English class?
  • set up designated reference hours?
  • look into adding databases
  • contact organizations about books
  • book sale
And there you have it. My To-Do list for last year. I'm happy to say I accomplished almost everything. There are a few things I didn't finish (finding out about databases or contacting places for new books)...but we DID catalog almost 5000 books, about half the collection. Plus, I (with Joshua's help!) installed computers, networked said computers, learned most students names, taught students about the computers and most importantly, built relationships with the students. So, I'd say: not bad!

Because I tend to be a big picture thinker, it's easy for me to get overwhelmed by all I want to do at RTC. But sometimes I just need to look back and see the actual things accomplished. Stay tuned for what we do this year! :)

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