03 March 2012

Snapshot: Saturday

I thought that to accurately capture some of these small details of my life here I should show them to you for more than one day. :)

Yesterday was a typical Saturday: sleeping in a bit, enjoying coffee while still in my pajamas, running errands in town [i.e. Kampala], chatting with neighbors, etc. I love Saturdays that include a bit of relaxing and getting something done! I'm learning more and more that I need time to recharge. I'm a much happier person when I have a bit of time for myself! :)

I love Saturday mornings that involve sitting on the couch
with my coffee, journal, a few letters to write and music from
my laptop! What a great start to the weekend!

Kampala. This does not even begin to represent the 'jam' [i.e.
traffic jam] I was in. The traffic in Kampala is unbelievable!

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