30 August 2013

A New Season, a New Chapter

To say that this past year has been busy would be an understatement. Between re-adjusting to the US, getting married, moving three times, job searching, and starting two different jobs, it has been FULL. But I recently realized how much I've missed this little blog and having a space to explore my thoughts on libraries, information, communities, and culture. I am always thinking about big picture issues but have missed an intentional space to process how all those things impact each other.

A friend also reminded me recently that I never debriefed when I moved back to the US and I find myself in a place where I desperately need to process some things from my time in Uganda in order to fully engage in my new life. It's been a whole year and may be a bit crazy that I still have so much to process, but it's also amazing to see how much not dealing with things properly has impacted me. Hopefully I can use this space to catch up on some much needed reflecting about Uganda, libraries, and culture.

Additionally, this past week I embarked on yet another chapter: I've started a new job as a reference and instruction librarian at a community college. It feels like a fresh start: new semester, new job, new school year, and the one-year anniversary of being married.

I am ready for a new season.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are a few things I've written over the past several months:

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When the Story Ends - story for Prodigal Magazine

Also, I published a book chapter in The Global Librarian. It is currently in ebook form only but a print version in coming soon! :)

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