25 July 2015

Saying Goodbye

Two months.

Two months goes by so fast. It's hard to believe that tomorrow I will be back in the US. These two months have been so....actually there are no words. My heart is full. Thankful. Sad. Blessed. I have a lot to reflect on and process. The library, the land, the people...they have all touched my heart.

I've re-discovered a Ugandan tradition this trip. Whenever there is a big thing happening -- a birthday, a goodbye, a party, etc. -- and friends are together, they will all make a small speech, give encouraging words, and/or say something nice to the person of honor. Admittedly, at first I found this awkward. But after a couple times of participating (as a speech maker) I realized these words of affirmation are such a blessing. It's a beautiful way to honor someone as they embark on a milestone. And on Wednesday, as I sat with my friends at KEST to say goodbye, I wanted to freeze time. As the guest of honor this time, I wanted to remember every word spoken to me and capture every smile. It was such an amazingly meaningful way to say goodbye. And after everyone said something kind to me, I had the opportunity to share my own thoughts. To say thank you to my friends and tell them how much I will miss them.

Two days later, I'm sitting at the airport shocked at how fast this day came. I am surrounded by people from different cultures and languages, thinking of my friends. I love flying internationally and seeing the cultures and hearing the languages. Except today, knowing I am leaving a place I love.

But I am trusting and hoping this is not goodbye forever. Just for now.

And I will soak in my last moments of African sun.

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