05 March 2012

Snapshot: Sunday

Well, I decided to give you a few more details of life here in Uganda...not sure how long I'll keep this up but I figured I should at least finish out the weekend. :) So for now here's another random detail of life here.

Yesterday was what I call a 'normal' Sunday. I went to church in the morning, had lunch with some fellow bazungu, came home, relaxed, had dinner and had some Skype time with loved ones in the US. I love days like that! Nothing crazy or exciting, just enjoying the quiet pace of life after a busy week. But really, it's those small moments that make life so great, right? The small moments of beauty....the meaningful conversations, slow pace, and worship with Ugandan believers makes Sundays here a wonderful way to start a new week.

At any rate, my roommate texted me while I was at church and asked if we could make breakfast for dinner and if I would pick up sausages at the supermarket on my way home. I decided to make apple pancakes to go with! But here's another detail of my life that's different than the US: before eating fruits or veggies, we bleach them. Just to make sure all the bad stuff is killed and to avoid getting sick from said bad stuff. And no, they don't taste like bleach. :)

Don't worry...a small amount of bleach in all that water!


  1. This part of growing up, I do not miss. :~) Love your "snapshots," Rach!

  2. Thanks. :) This is one thing I won't miss either!